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About Us

Wild & Tree was founded on the belief that all beings deserve freedom, respect, and happiness. Our goal is not only to make beautiful accessories, but also to make pieces that spark conversation. Conversations about the shifting tide of consumerism and spending your money supporting not only small businesses, but causes that are important to you. Conversations about the amazing charities your purchases contribute to, who are making an enormous impact on our planet. And most importantly, conversations about love, respect, and kindness for all.

It all began on a bright morning, in my living room by a sunny window, during the Coronavirus pandemic. I had dreamt the idea for Wild & Tree a few years back, but never had the time or the energy to push forward. Now, with the world turned upside down, I found myself having all the time needed to make the dream a reality. My little project became a source of light in a currently dark and somber world. A chance to balance, realign, and heal. That’s what my jewelry and essential oils have given me. And I hope that’s what they’ll give you!

with love and warmth, Jessy