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Our 2020 HOLIDAY COLLECTION is only available for a limited time! Get them before they're gone!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Begin the festivities with our Yuletide style, featuring Red Jade, African Jade, opaque White Jade, and gold accents.

Red Jade
    • Life-force stone
    • Dismisses doubt, fear, and worry
    • Makes tasks feel less complex and easier to act upon
    • Allows one to access anger without tension, which can be constructive
    • Primary Chakra: Root
White Jade
    • Helps you cope with grief
    • Protects from negative energies
    • Brings peace, harmony and luck
    • Blocks distractions, allowing for clear decision-making
    • Primary Chakras: Heart & Crown
African Jade
    • Helps keep emotions in check
    • Enhances your inner voice of reason
    • Helps bring excitement and fun back into relationship
    • Primary Chakra: Heart

Purchasing this bracelet will donate $1 to One Tree Planted and $1 to a monthly rotating wildlife rescue and conservation organization. Please click here to learn more about our chosen charities. 

Please note: Unless otherwise specified, bracelets pictured are size Extra Small. Each size will have a different number of stones and a different bead pattern. Also, due to the natural state of our gemstones, slight variations in color and shape is possible.